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Milton Professional Pool Services by Pool Ninjas

Welcome to Pool Ninjas – your one-stop shop for reliable, professional, and friendly pool services in Milton. Our team of experts is passionate about keeping your fiberglass pool in pristine condition all year throughout Milton’s diverse climate. With over 50 years of combined experience in the pool and service industries, we have the knowledge and expertise to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Pool Ninjas is a group of pool service professionals dedicated to providing best in class service. With over 50+ years of combined experience in the pool and service industries, we strive to deliver stress free enjoyment of your pool with an honest and transparent approach and fair pricing. We specialize in fiberglass pools with expertise in the unique requirements for the care and maintenance of fiberglass pools.

Why Choose Pool Ninjas?

Once Call Does It All

We can take care of every aspect of your service, repair and maintenance needs. Our Service Team takes the time to understand your needs then coordinates the required qualified technicians and licensed tradespeople.

Maximize Your Free Time

Our flexible maintenance packages, mobile water testing and chemical delivery services free up your time to enjoy your pool with family and friends. Our commitment to providing timely service and repairs ensures your pool is always ready.

Customer Commitment

We strive to provide industry leading service with fair and transparent pricing. Our team has years of training and experience in pool construction and the service industry. We are committed to following best practices to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Milton's #1 Choice for Pool Service

General Pool Maintenance

At Pool Ninjas, we don't just maintain pools – we make them shine! We take pride in keeping your pool crystal clear and swim-ready at all times. Our comprehensive pool maintenance packages include everything from skimming and vacuuming to water testing, filter cleaning, and even electrical and natural gas services. With our exceptional service and affordable pricing, you can enjoy stress-free pool ownership and dive into gorgeous water without lifting a finger.

 We provide comprehensive pool inspections to identify problems and offer tailored solutions to fit your specific requirements. From checking pool structure and filters to heaters, water chemistry, and safety features, we leave no stone unturned. As fiberglass pool specialists, we strive to offer transparent and friendly service, customized to your unique needs and budget. Contact us now for a free quote and discover how we can help bring out the best in your pool!

Pool Closing Milton

Standard Pool Opening Service in Milton 

  • Remove debris from winter cover
  • Brush, remove and fold winter cover for storage
  • Re-install pool fittings and accessories
  • Re-install and test pool lights
  • Connect plumbing and pool equipment
  • Startup system
  • Test fire pool heater
  • Rinse pool deck area
  • Add chemical kit*
  • *Chemical kit is not included

Pool Closing Milton

Pool Closing Service in Milton

Please Call for Price
  • Drain pool to correct level to winterize
  • Remove deck equipment
  • Blowout lines
  • Winterize lights
  • Winterize skimmer
  • Winterize Equipment
  • Clean Skimmer
  • Install cover
  • Remove skimmer basket
  • Accessories ready for storage
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Don't let pool maintenance become a never-ending chore. Contact the Pool Ninjas now for friendly and professional pool service in Milton. Sit back and relax as our ninjas do the work, leaving you with a pool that's always swim-ready. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of fiberglass pool specialists is committed to top-notch service and transparent pricing. You won't find a more reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable team of pool experts servicing Milton. So don't wait! Contact us now and dive into stress-free pool ownership today.

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